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Vision Protection for Your Childrens’ Future

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and every village needs a qualified eye care professional. Bronte Village Eye Care provides comprehensive eye care for community members of all ages. We are committed to ensuring that your children receive the highest-quality eye care, no matter their needs.

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Why Do Children Need Eye Exams?

Regular eye exams are just as vital for children as they are for adults. Taking your child for comprehensive eye exams is the only way to monitor their vision and detect any potentially serious conditions before they can damage your child’s eyesight.

Many vision problems are easily mistaken for learning disabilities. Children may struggle to explain their vision problems — in fact, they may not even recognize that they have any, since they may not even know what healthy vision looks like.

Since 80% of what children learn is visual, regular eye exams represent an investment in their future success. We recommend taking your child in for their first eye exam when they are 6 months old. This will allow their optometrist to diagnose any ocular health problems or visual issues and deal with them effectively. We recommend bringing your child in sooner if you have any concerns about their vision.

What Happens During Children’s Eye Exams?

When you bring your child for an eye exam, we:

  • Ask questions about your child’s personal and family medical history to identify risk factors
  • Test their visual acuity, refraction, binocular vision, and the overall health of their eyes
  • Identify and prescribe any vision correction devices or medication that your child needs
  • Teach you and your child about eye health and how to safeguard it
  • Respond to any other concerns that you or your child have

When you take your child to their exam, don’t forget to bring any pair of glasses or set of contact lenses your child uses so we can prescribe replacements if necessary.

Give Your Children the Gift of Strong, Healthy Vision

Comprehensive eye exams are a critical part of ensuring that your children grow up happy, safe, and prepared for success. At Bronte Village Eye Care, our friendly team uses specialized methods to keep your child comfortable and at ease while accurately assessing the health of their eyes.

Help your child see clearly for many years to come. Book their first appointment with our practice today.

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