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Myopia Control for Growing Children

Myopia affects an increasing number of Canadian children each year, preventing their ability to discern faraway objects. Since 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually, myopia can severely impact how well they perform at school, sports, or other activities.

At Bronte Village Eye Care, we recognize that effectively managing myopia in children can provide them with a better long-term quality of life. We also understand that people can be affected by myopia at any age, so we work with a diverse range of patients to help them overcome the challenges this condition brings.

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What is Myopia?

Myopia occurs when light coming into the eye cannot focus properly on the retina due to the eyeball gradually elongating over time.

Myopia typically becomes more severe as a person grows older, requiring stronger lens prescriptions to provide clear vision. Severe, or high, myopia has also been linked to an increased risk of more serious eye problems, such as cataracts and detached retinas.

Regular eye exams for both children and adults are the best way to detect myopia before it becomes advanced.

  • Blurred vision when attempting to focus on distant objects
  • Needing to squint to see clearly
  • Headaches (resulting from frequent eye strain)
  • Difficulty seeing clearly when driving at night (in adults)
  • Difficulty focusing on the board in classrooms (for school-age children)

Controlling Myopia

Bronte Village Eye Care offers numerous methods to help control the progression of myopia in children and adults. Our practice can help you slow down your myopia in the following ways:

  • Soft contact lenses: soft contact lenses sit on the surface of the eye and adjust the way light reaches the cornea, counteracting myopia’s effects. MiSight works by focussing some of the light rays entering your eye in front of the retina (the back of your eye). This is believed to reduce the stimulus leading to advancing myopia.
  • MiyoSmart Lenses: these innovative products from Hoya Vision combine a central focus zone with numerous defocus segments, allowing them to simultaneously correct refractive errors and reduce myopia’s progression over time. They have been shown to reduce myopia progression over time in children by up to 60%.
  • Atropine eye drops: low doses of this medication have been found to slow down myopia’s progression in many people. Atropine has shown minimal potential for side-effects and is considered safe for use in most children.

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The earlier you identify myopia in your children, the easier it is to slow its progress and prevent it from causing other problems.

Visit us for comprehensive eye exams regularly, and book an appointment to see us if you suspect that you or your child may have myopia.

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